‘Saltwater Spirits’
‘Saltwater Spirits’

‘Saltwater Spirits’

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Let’s talk about the ocean for a moment ~ Oceans are essential to life on Earth. They cover more than 70% of the planet's surface, regulate the climate, and supply the oxygen we need to survive.

A healthy ocean regulates climate and reduce climate change impacts. So why would we want to harm something so vital to our life on this earth.

I’ve recently come across the most inspiring young Indigenous Woman from Sistas and Salt.  Her name is Rhiannon and she is studying Marine Conservation. She currently runs workshops for Indigenous women and youth in wellbeing, culture and ocean conservation.

After speaking with Rhiannon and talking about her future plans for I’ve decided to collaborate with her and donate 100% of the profits of the above print to so she can further enhance her business and provide the materials she needs to continue this incredible journey she is on.

This print is a daily reminder to tread lightly, support ocean conservation and to keep our Saltwater spirits out of harms way. 

hand painted design and printed onto 100% cotton rag paper , unframed. Each piece is hand painted on Worimi Country and printed ‘as is’ without tampering or photoshopping. This is so that you get the real deal in print form :) and with a whole lot of love! 


follow Rhiannon’s journey 

Instagram ~ @_sistasandsalt 

Facebook ~ https://m.facebook.com/Sistasandsalt/